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This is the non-debug version of the $class library. It is slimmed down to the bare minimum to make all the features work, but with no error checking. This signifigantly reduces overhead to keep your code running fast. be sure to switch over to including class-debug.js when you are debugging or developing to make use of all the error detection.


This is the debug version of the $class library, which contains tons of useful error checking. Include this file during development or debugging. When it's time to deploy, be sure to switch over to including class.js to get rid of the error checking overhead.

Error/Warning Logging

The debug version of the $class library attempts to log warning and error messages by methods "console.warn" and "console.error". These are logging methods supported by the Firebug plugin for the Firefox web browser. If you are debugging in a different environment and would like to log warnings/errors in some way, create a global named "console" with methods named "warn" and "error". These methods should expect to receive a single argument and should log/display the value in whatever way is appropriate for your logging needs. The logging methods should be defined before any calls to the $class library to ensure all warnings are logged. Example:
var console = {
  warn: function(message) {
    alert("Warning: " + message);

  error: function(message) {
    alert("Error: " + message);

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